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I love IOT, innovations and cloud related technology.

This article is about IoT The (Internet of Things) & a newly developed technology that is currently in Alpha test phase named Holochain.

Holochain technology opens new doors for IoT devices in many different ways, it is able to do this because of its in-built flexibility, it is light-weight, its ability to work on or offline, its ability to mesh-network and the biggest thing is its own DNA.

Holochain DNA means that written into this entire infrastructures membrane are some features that no other technology has or or is capable of providing, there is no other technology out there that…

Lets delve into the potential relationships

First let me preface this article with my stance or views on Blockchain, which some of you may have read on Twitter. Most of the tweets I have made have been fairly negative towards Blockchain and to be honest there were some occasions where I was just bitter.

Not bitter at people who are invested in or make their living from Blockchain but the entire industry as a whole, particularly when it is mentioned with the inclusive word of “Cryptocurrency” as the big players in the game the miners and the exchanges tend to only reference Blockchain.

As you would…

The future of Holochain

Image from Pinterest

I recently wrote an article about Holochain and Network Effect, if you haven't read it you can check it out from link below.

In that article I delve into what is needed and how it can be achieved for Holochain to succeed due to network affect.

I also touched on the reasons blockchain cannot achieve that critical mass of users because there is so many competing blockchains and even though most of them do more or less the same thing (which isn’t much) they continue to just exist for the hell of it.

They don’t actually…

There’s an old saying, “the more you learn the more you will earn.”

I recently mentioned network effect in a tweet and it seems to have opened a few eyes.

To be honest it opened my eyes even further as well the more I thought about it the more I thought this needs to be explained and understood for those who kind of understand Holochain but don’t really know how much value it is going to attract or create.

In this article I will try to be brief, my plan is to explain what the network affect is, how it…

A synopsis of Holochain applied in various technical environments

In this article I am going to explore some use for Holochain, some of them will seem obvious and are already are known and others are just using sense of imagination.

What I will say though is that I have a very good understanding of how Holochain operates, despite not being a developer myself I know the technology well and what it is designed for. So if you see anything listed below that doesn’t seem possible, trust me it is, the technology is mind blowing and its use cases are unlimited.

Its a victim of its own design

The image above doesn’t really tell the story but the words are correct. By this I mean when it comes to humans and self-harm there is usually intent, with blockchain it self harms without intent for the most part.

I say for the most part because being a predominately unregulated industry some of those inside the blockchain world often do harm to others for their own financial gain, this harm also reflects on blockchain itself.

When you think about it, its an invention that was created to be its own entity, that being…

Valued from 9.5 to 24 Billion dollars depending on where you read it


I want to make it clear that I am passionate about Holochain so when I see something making claims that I see as either potentially false, partially false, not conclusive or exaggerated I will say so do my best to try and verify what is being said and then share my personal views about it which is what I am doing here.

I am dedicating an entire article to Dfinity because what they are saying never really added up to me, then on top of that they are telling people to “forget the cloud” which is ironic and you will…

What a combined version of Telegram & Signal will look like on Holochain

Some of you may have read my recent article which talks about the current state of social media, the political influences the purpose of that was to try and provide a pathway to overcome censorship.

In it I also spoke of how Holochain could help change things and cater for any individuals regardless of their political persuasions or other beliefs.

I have spent the last few weeks comparing social messaging platforms and applications including privacy based applications. …

Where am I at? Who am I? (Said with Zoolander voice into mirror)

My personal view of the recent past, the present & the near future.

For the past couple of years I have maintained a fairly close contact with some of the core members of the Holochain team, in particular David Atkinson and Paul d’Aoust.

Both are fantastic people and mentors and have guided and informed me along the way, David in particular is also a very good listener and doesn’t mind being challenged on ideas.

Right up until the recent major price increases that Hot saw I was in close contact but just as this happened I started to be attacked…

Is it possible to have free speech without censorship?

Recent events related to the U.S Elections as you all know have led to the giant tech corporations shutting down, denying access & removing hosting rights from various figures and entities.

From the outset this author would like to make clear I am not a U.S citizen and have zero political persuasions. This article is about how the current mess can be avoided in the future using new technology.

There are those that call themselves “social media experts” but most of these experts also use the very social media and hosting…


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