Blockchain has Growth & honesty Issues

Its a victim of its own design

10,400 “Cryptos” most are dead now


This is an area that those inside the blockchain world looking outwards fail to acknowledge as being an issue. Every PoS or Proof of Stake blockchain has mechanisms for doing various tasks that are complicated, have some weird names and are confusing to those well versed on blockchain.

Blockchain doesn’t solve problems it creates them the buyers of the coins are the product.


This is the big one, forget everything else, this is what makes it a terrible investment or a fantastic investment depending on your timing and luck.

The Miners are the ones who control prices

Cryptocurrency, miners are the ones that dictate the price, these guys along with the exchanges have the best of both worlds.

You can see that in May the miners dumped as did the difficulty
April 15, 2021 when BTC was at its peak they decided to pull the rug
Again April 15, 2021 Bitcoin was at its ATH at $64,000.00 time to move to dump mode

Staking on blockchain

This is another method blockchain uses to validate transactions and it keeps peoples money in buying the particular coin. Most staking, not all, does allow the user to un-steak or sell their coins if they need to, but others turn their stakers into prisoners with “disolve” times to unlock coins.

What does the future hold for blockchain?

In this authors opinion the blockchain industry will just keep rolling along, there will be hacks, thefts, smart contract exploits but because it feeds a desire to be rich all be it falsely, it will carry on as it is, never really finding a home or an every day use by mainstream.

I knew these guys were scammers but no one listened and as I referenced above one of their exit scams involved vesting (locking your funds)
This is how much you should trust the blockchain media
This was all bullshit, the blockchain media prints it anyway to gain clicks, zero accountability, zero morals
Want to sell some news to your token/coin holders, sign up and let the blockchain media do the rest for you.
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The purpose of this article is to help some people to open their eyes to reality.

  1. Why would anyone adopt it and use it if the token suffers from volatility?
  2. Who makes money from transactions, me or the blockchain miners?
  3. Do the “owners” of the blockchain have a business plan for revenue and when is that revenue expected and how much is it?
  4. How much of the currency is owned by the creators?

I love IOT, innovations and cloud related technology.