Blockchain has Growth & honesty Issues

10,400 “Cryptos” most are dead now


Blockchain doesn’t solve problems it creates them the buyers of the coins are the product.


The Miners are the ones who control prices

You can see that in May the miners dumped as did the difficulty
April 15, 2021 when BTC was at its peak they decided to pull the rug
Again April 15, 2021 Bitcoin was at its ATH at $64,000.00 time to move to dump mode

Staking on blockchain

What does the future hold for blockchain?

I knew these guys were scammers but no one listened and as I referenced above one of their exit scams involved vesting (locking your funds)
This is how much you should trust the blockchain media
This was all bullshit, the blockchain media prints it anyway to gain clicks, zero accountability, zero morals
Want to sell some news to your token/coin holders, sign up and let the blockchain media do the rest for you.
Buy our tokens you get one of these soon. Promise……..




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