May 25, 2021

17 min read

Dfinity Blockchain Not as Advertised

Valued from 9.5 to 24 Billion dollars depending on where you read it


These claims above are nothing short of bizarre but with ICP that’s the norm
Holochain isn’t blockchain, pretty sure he already knew that but, it is what it is

Dfinity, what is it?

How Is the ICP Created?

The inference here is that the blockchain is running everything

The Truth

Hover over the data centers they are centralized
This is whats providing compute power, not the blockchain
Not run on the blockchain, connected to it, big difference

Cannot be Hacked or Stopped?

I don’t think he took his own advise here

Are Data Centers Accepting Tokens for Payment?

Scalability & Consensus

To Finalize this Review

Is the only true alternative to centralized hosting services

What are the differences with Holochain?

Hard to be a rival to AWS when you are using 3rd party data centers that rely on AWS


Bonus Read — Deleted page from Polkadot about Dfinity — ICP