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  • Kal Kassa

    Kal Kassa

    Bitcoin for Africa

  • Ferananda Ibarra

    Ferananda Ibarra

    Collective intelligence & regenerative economy, Organizational Design, currency design. Speaker, facilitator, Social architect. Holochain, Holo, Commons Engine

  • Concoda


    Navigating the absurdity of late-stage capitalism. Subscribe via or

  • Mehmet AKGÜN

    Mehmet AKGÜN

  • Smedley Jefferson

    Smedley Jefferson

  • Akshay Prasad

    Akshay Prasad

    Writer. Speaker. Entrepreneur I am a diarist and write story to reflect my thoughts.

  • Lucky26


  • Mehmet Topaç

    Mehmet Topaç

  • Mr Buddy

    Mr Buddy

  • Pat Li

    Pat Li

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