Holochain, a simple guide to a complex architecture. Part 1

Introduction and purpose

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Okay let’s get into it now

What is Holo?

It is like Airbnb or Uber but for cloud computing

It has an App store much like Google Play or the Apple Store

It is a hosting company much like Amazon Web Services or Google Cloud

This is the definition provided by top research site Gartner
The Airbnb of Cloud Web Hosting

How is Holo Hosting going to be better than regular cloud?


Holo hosting solves this and removes the cost entirely by default.

Quick recap on the advantages of Holo Hosting


Holo the Hosting company

The internal currency used for Holo hosting.

Short closing summary of Holo

Onto the next section, Holochain


Holochain is an open source framework for building fully distributed, peer-to-peer applications.

What are the differences between Holochain and Holo?

In plain English explain to me what Holochain is

How does that all work?

Holochain Validation

Agents have their own local, tamper-resistant hash-chains recording their actions, built upon hApp rules.

Holochain privacy

Holo and Holochain explained credits to Steven

Holochain and Social Media Applications

Where does your data live?

Examples of how Holochain will enter the world and what it can do

Network Security as an Intranet

Nothing is ever 100% but Holochain adds more layers of security

Hosting information for every major corporation is available to the public!

In depth information about cloud hosting about any company is available to the public, but not with Holochain

Some examples of Holochain software being used


Credits to https://techerati.com/expert/martin-blunn/
Proactive Forensics in IoT: Privacy-Aware Log-Preservation Architecture in Fog-Enabled-Cloud Using Holochain and Containerization Technologies //bit.ly/3b3fsFI

Some further poignant comments about the use of Holochain in IOT by the scientists.

Illustration of the peer-to-peer validation mechanism of Holochain for privacy preservation in distributed fog worker nodes


I love IOT, innovations and cloud related technology.

I love IOT, innovations and cloud related technology.