A synopsis of Holochain applied in various technical environments

Cryptocurrency Creation

First off its important to note that even though HoloFuel is a Mutual Credit cryptocurrency and is the main application used to pay for Holo hosting and it can be directly integrated with other applications built on Holochain, that doesn’t mean that new digital currencies built on Holochain also need to be mutual credit.

Developers can go to an exchange and be paid in USD
This is a typical Mastercard transaction

Holochain as a payment provider

I won’t go too deep into this as I have already written an extensive article about using Holochain for regular payments and also highlighted how fantastic it could be for retail allowing offline payments.

Single and ready to mingle?

A Holochain Dating App

Before we look at what type of features a Holochain dating application could/would have first its important to help people understand just how vulnerable they are digitally, especially when it comes to their personal information and where it is held, who holds it and what can happen to your personal data if a traditional dating application were to be compromised.

Tinder spends 2 Million per month on hosting in a centralized attack vector
Both of these popular “down” detection sites are hosted by centralized providers, they can’t check if something is down if they are also down right?


Ransomware is a type of malicious software cybercriminals use to block you from accessing your own data. The digital extortionists encrypt the files on your system and add extensions to the attacked data and hold it “hostage” until the demanded ransom is paid. During the initial infection, the ransomware may attempt to spread throughout your network to shared drives, servers, attached computers and other accessible systems.

Holochain security is not yet known by the world but soon will be


This is another area where Holochain is going to excel, I’m not going to go too hard on details here as I have already covered Holochain an IoT extensively in this article below.

DocuSign on Holochain compared to blockchain


Most people know what DocuSign does and how it works, its a really great system of digital information sharing and providing necessary services to those unable to be face to face.

Holochain based Email client

Everyone knows and uses email. And most of us know who the big players in the market are, Gmail (Google), 1 billion active monthly users worldwide. Outlook (Microsoft), more than 400 million active users worldwide. Yahoo Mail (recently acquired by Verizon), 225 million active monthly users.

Apple spends around 35Million per month on data (not all of this is for iCloud email though)
Proton uses centralized cloud services. You cannot believe everything you read.


Holochain is perfect for secure messaging and can perform the same functions as all of the other messaging apps out there but with added security and added features like ability to work offline, ability to be forgotten and your right to own your data and withdraw access.

Twitter and Facebook and all other social media

Without sounding like a broken record by now if you have read the above messages you would know that Holochain offers unique security, privacy, speed and other features.

8 Million per month, their costs would be likely half that on Holochain

Medium, the website you are reading this on

As you can see from the image above, this website Medium is a great place for people to write, create, share and learn from.

Brock……Arthur Brock

Intelligence agencies use cases for Holochain

Some of you may have heard about a recent number of arrests of criminals that were tricked into using an application named ANOM. This was a brilliant move and no doubt those who fell for it are feeling like they spread a virus.

Human Rights and Journalists safety

Everyone knows there are oppressive governments around the globe and human rights is a big issue and one of the first things these oppressive governments do is deny access to the internet and or communications.

Would you take part in shared hosting of your favorite charity?
People power can remove this cost for charities

Where else can Holochain be used?

The list is endless so I’m going to wrap this article up now.

I love IOT, innovations and cloud related technology.