Mar 13, 2021

21 min read

IoT Needs Holochain


What is Holochain?

  • Social networks
  • IoT
  • Supply chains
  • Peer-to-peer platform co-ops (e.g., cooperatively owned versions of Uber or Airbnb)
  • Rating systems & reputational currencies
  • Collective intelligence (e.g., governance, workflow, feedback systems)
  • Collaboration (e.g., discussion boards, scheduling, wikis)

What’s the difference or relationship between Holo and Holochain?

What is IoT?

Where Does Holochain Fit In?

Holochain IoT in Healthcare

Image source:

Holochain in Iot Log Preservation

Table from article
The yellow marks indicate where Holochain RSM would likely be sitting


Holochain operates independent of Holo hosting but Holo hosting is needed for HTTPS access

Validation rules

Another IoT Example