The Future of Blockchain

The future of Holochain

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What is the lifespan of this 11 years old technology?

Blockchain is over valued

Lets get that out there straight up, the prices for blockchain cryptocurrencies are totally ridiculous when you consider what you are actually buying and what it then does for you as an owner or “consumer”.


Where will blockchain be in 12 months or 5 years?

To me that’s an easy question to answer logically, but logic and blockchain don’t co-exist very well.

With blockchain you are the product


Remember its not illegal to lie on Twitter, telling a lie is not illegal. Telling lies for financial gain is illegal but also hard to prove, especially when it comes down to interpretation.


To finish this piece about blockchain before I talk about Holochain I will share what I think will happen with prices of the cryptocurrency market as a whole.

When you actually think you are brilliant and your idol is Steve Jobs LOL

Final words about blockchain

You’ve probably come to a reasonable assumption that I am both jaded and offended by the existence of blockchain.

Lets talk about Holochain

Given my obvious thoughts on the seediness of blockchain and what I mentioned above you are probably expecting me to go into a holier than thou spiel about how noble and honest Holochain is and how it has zero faults or challenges ahead of it, you would be wrong to expect that.


HOT is the ticker for the Holo token which is currently an ERC20 token that can be swapped 1:1 (one for one if you have ratio issues) for a certain amount of time, the last I read was that it will be a guaranteed timeframe of approximately 6 months.


HoloFuel is the asset backed (through hosting) currency to pay for hosting services from Holo.

Prices vs supply vs swap vs uptake of Holo hosting

This is where it gets interesting and also takes us to areas of unknown details and voids that only speculation can fill at this juncture.

Holo peeps lets keep it real and honest


To me Holochain is the most interesting invention I've watched be created and built and spoken of so often. As I said at the beginning the team is amazing and the technology and brilliance of Holochain will change cloud computing and hosting forever.

I love IOT, innovations and cloud related technology.