Apr 29, 2021

7 min read

Where Is Holochain At?

Where am I at? Who am I? (Said with Zoolander voice into mirror)

My personal view of the recent past, the present & the near future.

For the past couple of years I have maintained a fairly close contact with some of the core members of the Holochain team, in particular David Atkinson and Paul d’Aoust.

Both are fantastic people and mentors and have guided and informed me along the way, David in particular is also a very good listener and doesn’t mind being challenged on ideas.

Right up until the recent major price increases that Hot saw I was in close contact but just as this happened I started to be attacked from within the Telegram community by a knucklehead named Brooks who came out of self imposed retirement, he went on to attack another admin & seemed adamant on dividing the community to suit his and a former admins agenda.

This caused me to leave the Telegram and to be honest I don’t miss it at all but it is a shame it is being manipulated by a former admin wasting so much time and talking to himself in the 3rd, 4th and 5th person. LOL

So what is the purpose of me telling you this?

There are two reasons, one is that if any of you are a part of the Holo Telegrams unless its a team member, assume you are talking to a sock-puppet and only believe what the team tells you.

The other reason I am sharing this is because it highlights that Telegram itself is obviously broken, very broken, yet it also has such a fantastic user interface and can be fun with gifs, memes, stickers, private chats etc.

With over 500 Million users it has no competition in the space. Up until recently I had been researching the competition, looking at their business plans, their monetization methods, revenue etc.

It really is a no-brainer that a Holochain hApp version of Telegram will not only be better than its current form but also provide higher levels of security and data ownership.

Currently all of your data is actually owned by Telegram and is living in giant private servers across the globe in secret locations. How much do you think Telegram could be making if they offered a backdoor to the Russians, U.S, Chinese etc?

No one knows if that back door actually exists but it wouldn’t be surprising to find out it does, money can open many doors.

During my time on Twitter and Telegram I received several death threats, threats against my family and to harm me personally. I know most of them are just said to try and scare me but one of them in particular really did scare both me and my wife.

So I thought I would share with you that Holo kindly offered me a contractual position recently which I had to turn down because I would need to dox myself in order to receive remuneration.

I had a long discussion with my wife about it and although I am sure they would keep my identity safe and not disclose it, it would only take a single mistake for a admin staff to pass out my details to someone.

I am truly grateful for the offer though.

Enough about me though, because what I want to share with you is that I know for a fact that there will be a version of Telegram built on Holochain when its in Beta.

I have been involved in the conception of it and features and have an entire article written about it addressing its features and how it might work within the DHT. Obviously when the time comes developers will be the ones who determine what is and isn’t possible but the future looks very good.

There is nothing written in stone yet but I can tell you that it does involve some Holo team members and it will only happen once Holochain Beta is released and fully functional, the focus is on building out Holochain to operational state before anything else.

So please do not nag them about this as it is only conceptual and their answer will be that they are focusing on building Holochain through to Beta before anything else.

Although they have made excellent progress this year they are still working on multiple things at the same time to bring Holochain to life, its a big ask and they are pushing ahead full steam so they don’t need distractions.

I am sharing this with you only to let you know as someone who has lived and breathed Holochain the last 2 years that I am more excited than ever.

And if any of you are worried that they might lose some first mover advantage over any blockchain, please don’t be, there is nothing out there tech wise that can compete with Holochain.

Imagine a natural disaster with no power, no communications local governments can have in place a group that can communicate via Bluetooth and piggy-back data throughout the local area.

So many use cases its astounding.

There is even talk of it including NFT’s and not sure if it will happen there could also be a fund raising method to allow seed investors to profit from it as the plan is it will be free for regular users but corporate will be monetized.

The main method of communications I have been using nearly every single day the last couple of years has been to not only search for external articles about Holochain, and to share them but also I have looked at the technology and tried to identify areas of disruption where the technology can be used.

On top of that, much to the disdain of many Holochain supporters I often compare Holochain with Blockchain and I put it down, I degrade it, I belittle it and do what ever I can to garner attention for Holochain.

Every hashtag blockchain over the last couple of years you will find nearly one Holochain hashtag on that particular day, and although what is said is true, it is an inferior technology, the purpose is to highlight Holochain’s superior benefits it just happens to be at the expense of blockchains weaknesses.

Although some may disagree I think most will agree it has helped to raise awareness for Holochain.

The other method I have been using is to call out these so called “Decentralized Clouds”, all of them are centralized, it is all provided by companies.

There is only one soon to be live entirely decentralized cloud as you know.

So when I see bullshit I usually call it out. (Something I probably wouldn’t be allowed to do if I was contracted to Holo) :-P

This brings me back to recent times and the purpose of explaining my methods of promoting Holochain is to let you know that although I could continue to do it every single day, I am honestly tired of it and at this point I don’t feel there is a need for it anymore.

Although I think some of the many newcomers to Holochain don’t entirely understand it (that's not a bad thing it takes weeks to months to fully get your head around it) they eventually will and there is already now a good stable base of people on Twitter commenting about Holochain and promoting it and doing a great job.

I don’t spend as much time researching now as I feel I have reached a good level of understanding of both Holochain, Blockchain and the entire cloud hosting industry and now all I am doing each day is taking pot-shots at blockchains or faux cloud providers.

So I am going to step away for a while. Again…

My true enjoyment comes from writing articles, planning, explaining and creating with purpose. Maybe that's why I‘m an INTJ on the Myers–Briggs Type Indicator.

Do you know where you sit?

If you don’t, take the time to do a little introspection and find out, link is here.

I really look forward to writing some articles about current and new projects building on Holochain as they begin to mature.

Those of you tweeting about Holochain don’t forget to visit Intricately to check and see which cloud services a company is using.

So until my next tweet or article, adios for now and take care.